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Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is included when you pay for a cruise?
What is not included when you pay for a cruise?
How are you able to provide such great cruise specials and deals?
How far in advance should I make reservations to get the best price?
How can I avoid getting seasick?
If I brought children with me on a cruise, would that be a problem?
Will I need a passport?
What are port charges?
How are tips/gratuities handled?
What is Extend-A-Cruise?


Q: What is included when you pay for a cruise?

A: All meals, activities, entertainment and all shipboard accommodations: Pool, library, game room, fitness center and various sports and recreational activities. Sometimes, even the air fare is included!


Q: What is not included when you pay for a cruise?

A: Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, shore excursions, spa treatments, casino, phone calls, medical treatments, after hours baby-sitting, and of course tips.


Q: How are you able to provide such great cruise specials and deals?

A: We buy blocks of rooms way in advance at a very large discount. Then we sell a room or two (or more) to you. This saves you a lot of money!


Q: How far in advance should I make reservations to get the best possible price?

A: At least six months in advance.

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Q: How can I avoid getting seasick?

A: Cruise ships are huge, and are fitted with stabilizers and other high-tech anti-rocking things, so the chances of you getting seasick are very small. For those who are nervous about it, there are preventive medicines that work great.


Q: I'm thinking of bringing children with me on a cruise. Would that be a problem?

A: Not at all! In fact, most ships have lots of special programs just for children that can keep them entertained all day. And there are baby-sitters available at night for an extra fee, in case you'd like to stay late at the Captain's Party.


Q: Will I need a passport?

A: Passports are necessary for most travel outside the U.S. The exceptions are the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. In these countries, if you don't have a passport, you do need proof of US Citizenship such as a legal birth certificate or a government-issued picture ID card. Bring a second form of ID as well, such as a driver's license or US company photo ID card. Non-US citizens residing in the US must show valid Alien Registration (green card).

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Q: What are port charges?

A: Sometimes port charges are included in the price of a cruise, but in most cases they are not. They are for taxes/fees assessed by governmental and other agencies. They include costs for entering/leaving ports, and costs incurred while in port such as stevedoring, waste removal and payroll or port-related functions.


Q: How are tips/gratuities handled?

A: You would take care of these the last evening of your cruise. The amount is up to you - the ship will provide guidelines and envelopes in your cabin. For example: The following people are usually tipped per person per day as follows: Dining room waiters and cabin stewards: $3.00 to $3.50; Assistant Waiters: $1.50 to $2.00. Head Waiter - your discretion. A 15% gratuity is generally added to all bar and wine checks.


Q: What is Extend-A-Cruise?

A: Land packages for before or after your cruise that are arranged at the same time you book your cruise.

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